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Elevate MOD APK 5.87.0 (Pro Unlocked)

Elevate MOD APK 5.87.0 (Pro Unlocked)

5.127.0 by Elevate Labs
(0 Reviews) January 20, 2024
Elevate MOD APK 5.87.0 (Pro Unlocked) Elevate MOD APK 5.87.0 (Pro Unlocked) Elevate MOD APK 5.87.0 (Pro Unlocked) Elevate MOD APK 5.87.0 (Pro Unlocked) Elevate MOD APK 5.87.0 (Pro Unlocked) Elevate MOD APK 5.87.0 (Pro Unlocked)

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January 20, 2024
Elevate Labs
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More About Elevate MOD APK 5.87.0 (Pro Unlocked)

Sharpen your mind in 2024 with Elevate.
Elevate is an award-winning brain trainer that uses fun games and brain teasers to improve vocabulary, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory skills, mental math, and more. Each person receives a personalized learning program that adjusts over time to maximize results.

The more you play Elevate, the more you'll improve practical cognitive skills via engaging brain teasers that boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. Over 90% of users notice improvements in vocabulary, memory, math skills, and overall mental sharpness by regularly engaging with our games and exercises. Elevate is designed to test and enhance cognitive abilities, making it an excellent educational tool. And it's for everyone. Regardless of your age, background, or profession, you can benefit from our app.

Elevate offers a 7-day free trial and a free version. Sign up, then tap the X in the top left corner to use the free version.


“Elevate comes out ahead” in the battle of the brain training apps. - CNET

Elevate is a “cognitive pick-me-up” with games that are “good for mental breaks throughout the workday.” - Washington Post.


• 40+ Brain Training Games: Improve cognitive skills like vocabulary, focus, memory, processing, math, grammar, precision, and comprehension with 40+ brain training games and puzzles.
• Performance Tracking: Measure your performance in language and problem-solving against yourself and others. Weekly reports highlight your key accomplishments and learning opportunities.
• Personalized Workouts: Customize the focus of your daily workouts to train the mind skills you need most. Select from diverse tests, games, and puzzles to stay sharp, increase focus, and build cognitive skills.
• Adaptive Progression: Engage in math and word games that evolve in difficulty as you progress to ensure a fun and challenging experience that tests and hones your concentration, language, and problem-solving abilities.
• Workout Achievements: Start a workout streak with our brain trainer app and stay motivated with 150+ achievements to win while you train your mind.
• And more!


• Expand your vocabulary with brain teasers. Learn how to use thousands of new words through enjoyable games and puzzles.
• Express yourself more effectively in writing by honing your grammar skills and learning to write with clarity, persuasiveness, and concision.
• Improve your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Avoid common writing pitfalls.
• Become a better reader and learner. Easily flow through language, improve concentration, and understand everyday materials faster.
• Solve everyday math problems quickly and easily. Improve your problem-solving abilities for comparing prices, splitting bills, and calculating discounts.
• Boost your focus and memory skills. Get shopping lists out of your pocket and into your mind. Never forget to buy the milk you need or the chocolate you've been craving.
• Speak confidently with strong grammar. Advance your speech with new vocabulary words. Become more articulate and develop clear expression and tone.
• Feel mentally sharper as an adult. Continue to learn with Elevate's proven language and problem-solving training program.


Elevate's brain games, puzzles, and brain teasers are designed in collaboration with educational experts and are based on proven educational learning techniques. Our brain trainer’s mental workout algorithms draw from cognitive research in attention and memory studies, providing exercises that test and enhance focus and memory skills. 93% of people who use Elevate frequently feel mentally sharper and more confident in key skills, underscoring the educational value of our program.

For more details, please read our Terms of Service (https://www.elevateapp.com/terms) and Privacy Policy (https://www.elevateapp.com/privacy).

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